About Me

I am going on my 8th year teaching Kindergarten.  I never thought that I would ever end up in Kindergarten, but here I am and I am absolutely loving it.  

I was born and raised in NJ and then moved to Florida to pursue my teaching career.  I graduated from Widener University in Chester, PA in 2004 with a B.A. in elementary education.  

Blogging is fairly new to me, but I am so loving every minute of it.  It is exciting to learn from others and feel inspired again.  

I have been married to my wonderful husband now for 5 years.  We have been together for 10 years and I knew the first moment I got my hands on him, he was mine.  
(I actually hate all my wedding pictures, since then I have lost more than a few pounds.)

I am a HUGE Philadelphia Eagles fan!  My husband and I try to never miss watching a game. As you can see below I was born and raised an Eagles fan.  This is a picture of my family and I on a typical Sunday.  

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  1. Hi from a fellow Jersey girl!! Just found your fun blog - I'm your newest follower!

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