Sunday, January 6, 2013

My 2013 Plans Linky Party

And so the holiday season is officially over.  I have to say I enjoyed my vacation with my family up north but I am so glad to be back in sunny Florida where the weather is much warmer.  I can't believe I used to live in that cold for most of my life.  I guess I can say I am officially a Floridian!  I also can include that my sister is officially a Floridian too, she left the cold weather to come and stay with me while she finishes her college career.  Hopefully all will be well and I can get used to living with family members again:).

2012 was a year of many ups and downs for me.  One of the downs was finding out I had a thyroid problem.  I can now say that 2013 is starting off to be a great year.  My health is much better and my thyroid levels seem to be normal and have been for the past 5 months or so.  Although I will continue to be monitored I am happy that I am in the clear for now.

I had plenty of time to reflect on my 2012 (while driving home from Jersey during a 15 hour car ride) and I have many plans for 2013.  I don't really like New Years resolutions because let's face it I am like most people and quit my resolution after the first month.  However, knowing that I am no good at resolutions but I am good at planning, I decided to make my 2013 plans.  My plans for school is to create more items for my students and TpT store.  ( I am working on creating another math assessment to share on TpT.)  I love creating things on the computer.  It is fun and relaxing at the same time.  I can really get lost in my work sometimes.  My husband enjoys looking over my shoulder at times and helping me come up with some creative ideas.  It's really funny when he gets involved:)

As for my personal plans I want to continue to eat healthy, take my dog for more frequent walks, enjoy my time with my sister, and most importantly continue to be a good wife to my wonderful husband.  I also have some remodeling ideas for the house.  I am very excited to start some new projects here at home.

Now onto the linkies to continue talking more about some things that I have planned for 2013...The first linky I am joining is with Michelle at Making It As A Middle School Teacher and the second linky is with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade.  Enjoy and don't forget to link up they are so much fun! 

Here is January's Currently...

Until next time friends, hopefully with my new 2013 plans it will be sooner than later!


  1. Great blog! I'm your newest follower ;)

  2. I absolutely agree that a tax refund is needed, stat! :) I found your blog through Oh Boy 4th Grade and I'm your newest follower.

    The First Grade Scoop

  3. I wish you health and happiness for 2013 Michelle. Glad you're back in Florida, I bet the warmth feels great:)