Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good things are happening and Fun Friday Linky!

After a very long stressful week, I ended the week with some good news, good friends, and a great idea for my personal developmental improvement plan.  So the good news is I received a Futures grant for $500 to improve my Kindergarten Team's science materials.  With this grant I am going to purchase some really awesome already made science centers from Lakeshore learning center that correlate with the new common core standards.  I can't wait to go shopping and to use these new materials with my little Kindergartners! 

Next, I got to relax (Well I relaxed as best as I could since I was the hostess)  with some great friends as we celebrated one of my favorite people: Lisa from Learning is Something to Treasure, who is our Teacher of the Year.  I am so excited for her, she really deserves it. 

We needed a little relaxation after Friday's professional development day.  We sat in a meeting for a few hours on Friday morning discussing and learning about how we should develop our personal improvement plan.  We always had to do some kind of personal improvement plan but this year we are learning how to complete our personal improvement plan using a new system.  I think the meeting went very well because now I know what I want to do for my students this year.  I am going to focus on writing skills with my students.  This has always been one of my most challenging subjects to teach.  It is just not my favorite subject, but I created a few items this year to help my students become better writers.  And to help me become a better writing teacher!
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Now, onto Fun Friday linky hosted by Cynthia over at 2nd Grade Pad.  We all know as teachers we love Fridays!  Every Friday is Fun Friday in my classroom.  This is the day I usually give my students extra time during centers (this helps me complete my one on one kindergarten assessments), science movie during snack time and Fun Friday crafts.  This week we had a teacher duty day on Friday, so therefore, we had a Thrilling Thursday instead.  For our "Fun Friday" craft activity my students completed their Macaroni Mm's on Magenta paper.  Next week we are learning the letter S, so we will be making sequence letter Ss's. Wish my luck this can get messy.  My students love making things, they are so crafty and artistic this year.  (And actually pretty neat overall... no major messes.)  As the year proceeds, I incorporate sight word games that are quick and easy games like "Around the World" and "Sight Word Survivor", both games students challenge one another using sight word flash cards.   I think in my Fun Fridays to come I am going to incorporate Cynthia's Splat activity.  It is so adorable, check out her post she is giving this activity away for FREE and don't forget to join in on the linky fun. 

Here is a picture of my students completing their Fun Friday craft. 

Until next time friends:) 


  1. Aww thanks my friend!! I truly appreciate all of your encouragement & support. You are the most awesome friend that anyone could have!! Love ya!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I'd also like to invite you to link up for my 4th week of Fun Friday at my blog! I'd love for you to stop by and link up!

    Teaching Fourth

  3. I downloaded your Writer's Eye posters but the word portion did not come out. Can you help me with this?