Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Sunday Fun-day Friends!

Well it is almost 2:00 here in Florida and I just finished cleaning the house.  My weekly chores are mostly finished...all except my piles of laundry.  This was on my to-do list yesterday but when I went to turn the water on to start the laundry, nothing happened.  So as of now my washer machine does not work. Hopefully, hubby can fix it when he gets in from work.  The trials and tribulations of being a homeowner sometimes stinks!    But for now I am not going to worry about school or home because today is my Sunday Fun-day and all there is left to do is enjoy some good company, play cards with some good friends, watch the EAGLES beat the giants (hopefully Vick will get it together for this game) and eat some good football food.  I just bought my new Eagles attire for this season and I can't wait to where it proudly today.  Check them out...

Well, this weekend I went a little Amazon crazy, not only did I buy Eagles attire for myself but I also got some for the hubby and in my wishlist I have an Eagles jersey for my dog.  (That will have to wait until next pay day, sorry Buster.) But my favorite thing I bought was the new Kindle Fire HD!  I am so excited, I can hardly wait.  I loved my old Kindle Fire and used it all the time at home and in the classroom.   I even used it at the beach this summer and that was not such a great idea because my kindle fire kinda went swimming in the ocean and I have been with out a Kindle ever since.  My smart hubby did buy me the protection plan so I was able to get a new one and upgrade for hardly no cost at all!  I only spent about $50 out of my own pocket to buy another two-year accidental plan.   Knowing me this is WELL worth the investment.  For some reason technology and me (and water) are NO good together.  I have lost plenty of phones, one ipod, and now a Kindle to pools, oceans and even toilet water.  My husband is now so used to these accidents that everything we buy now comes with a protection plan or insurance:)

I can't wait to start using this with my kiddos again.  They absolutely loved it last year.  I hope to get my new students used to using the Kindle because my school has purchased about 30 ipads for us to share and use in the classroom.  I plan to use the Kindle until all the ipads are set up and ready to go.  This way when they are ready my class will be too!  I would love to hear about any great apps out there that you may be using in the classroom.  Please leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite app.  Thanks for reading and go E-A-G-L-E-S!

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