Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stay Strong!

The week is almost over.  So on that note here is something to smile about...

Does anyone else feel more exhausted after a four day week than a normal five day week.  I swear four day weeks are sometimes harder because I am trying to cram five days worth of activities into four.  
On another note, it's week three of school and I started the school year with my old behavior plan/routine.   My students change their color card for misbehaving but there is no positive changing of the cards for good behavior.  I do however have plenty of rewards in place for those students who make good choices.  Right now my students can earn marbles from their mini gumball machines and add them to the class marble jar.  (We got our principal to buy our team a class set of gumball machines a few years back)
They love this reward system!  I do think this system still works for me and my little ones but then I got to thinking about all the nice clip-chart behavior boards.  I though to myself wow, super cool, I want one!  So I created a jungle themed behavior chart to fit my classroom but I just introduced my students to my old way of doing things.  I think I will either wait till after the holidays to introduce this system or wait until next school year.  If you use a clip-chart behavior system in your classroom I would love to know how it has worked for you.   

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Thanks for blogging with me friends and don't forget STAY STRONG!   

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  1. okay so i love that gumball machine!! we share the same name =) ...thanks for stopping by excited to be your newest follower