Monday, July 30, 2012

Check out my NEW LOOK and My back to school finds!

Take a look at my new blog design.  Christi over at Ms. Fultz's Corner did a fantastic job.  She is so creative!  She was super supportive and helpful when it came to my lack of blogging knowledge.  If you are looking for a new blog makeover, I highly recommend her!  Click on her blog buttons below and pay her a visit.  


Before I get to my great finds, I just want to remind you to enter in my Giveaway!  Click here or the picture to enter!

My weekend was great!  It started off by celebrating my former assistant principal's promotion.   She has been promoted to principal, which is great, but sadly she is no longer going to be at our school.  Then Saturday was my couch potato day.  And finally Sunday, I spent the day shopping for school supplies.  So that leads me to my blog topic for the day. Back to School Shopping!!!!

My first great find cost me only $0.73.  I got 18 parent folders for 1 penny each!  Each package of pens cost me $0.25!  And I got to empty some change from my wallet!!  Now I can finally close my wallet.  Thanks Office Depot for understanding a teacher's budget.  A little note...the sign says that there is a limit of 10 folders per family but if you tell them you are a teacher the limit is 100!!

Next the Dollar Tree!  We all know how much we love our dollar deals.  This dollar deal was one I did not want to pass on. Every year I have a hard time finding cheap pencil pouches that have two zippers.  These two zippered pencil pouches hold my students crayons (large pocket) and pencil, eraser, spaceman spacer (small pocket).  This really helps my students stay organized.  We keep these in our seat sacks all year long,  this way they are easily accessible. I have seen these pencil pouches cost anywhere from $2 to $5.  That can quickly add up.  But not these, they only cost me $1 each!!  

I love Craft Stores!  I found these baskets at Michael's.  They were on clearance for $4.99.  I usually wouldn't have bought another bin/basket but I just had to have these because they are zebra print!  They match my seat crates (I will show them in tomorrow's post so make sure you stop back again.) and they even match my purse.  

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  1. WOW!! Michelle, I love your new blog look. The colors are beautiful. I blogged about your give away. BTW the two blog buttons are not showing up!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  2. I absolutely LOVE the new design my friend! It is so you! I am also loving those cute zebra baskets!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Great finds! 50 followers girl you have doubled your numbers since you started your giveaway! Congrats!

  4. LOVE your new design! So cute!!! Thanks for sharing your finds. I love the zebra baskets:)

  5. Your new design is fabulous! Stop by and check out my new blog that Christi designed for me! While you are there, pick up an award that I nominated you for!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

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  7. Thank you for the shout out about my giveaway! I LOVE your new blog design and those zebra bins are yummy!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers