Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Currently

After a very busy day of tax free shopping I am back to link up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade to tell you what is going on currently in my life.  Here it goes....

Now I am going to hit the sack for some shut eye.  This way I will be well rested for some more tax free shopping!!!  Tomorrow's shopping list is all about the shoes!  If I find some cute ones I will make sure to post them.  Keep your fingers crossed for cute shoes and great deals!


  1. Hi Michelle! I just found your blog via Farley's linky! I'm so jealous of your tax free shopping weekend!

    A Pirates Life for Us

  2. It's a tax free shopping weekend for Missouri too. So exciting!

    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

  3. I want new shoes too, hope you find some great ones and share them with us!!!

    The Resource(ful) Room

  4. I wish we had tax free week ends in Canada! It's a great idea. Hope you find the cutest shoes ever at a fabulous sale.
    i am a new follower.

    rubber boots and elf shoes

  5. I need new shoes too and I am jealous that you have a tax free weekend! I wish we had that in MI.