Saturday, August 11, 2012

Good-Bye Summer

Happy Saturday everyone! Well the good news is I officially survived 4 long weeks of summer school.  My last 10 hour working day with pre-school students ended this past Thursday.  The bad news is I officially go back to work this Monday.  We have a lot of training/meetings during our pre-planning and not a lot of time to set up our classrooms.  I even have the extra stress of trying to be done one night earlier because our Kindergarten team has Kindergarten Orientation and Meet the Teacher all in one night.  So can you guess it????  Yup, I am totally stressed out!!!!!! I just keep telling myself..."I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!"  I think I can with help that is.  I have two willing teenage buddies (My friends daughter and her boyfriend) that have offered to help. (They are cheap labor too, all I have to do is buy them pizza!) I even had two former parents and my husband offer to help as well, so I am hoping to get it all done and not feel too much pressure.  But that's next week.  This week is my pity party and I can cry if I want too!  Summer is over and I feel the pressure of starting another school year!  So if you can't beat us, join us in saying good-bye to summer 2012 hosted by Sheree over at Peterson's Pad 

Here's the rules:
Share 4 things about your summer!
1. A place you visited
2. A book you read
3. Something you did or made for your school class
4. A fun thing you did

1. A place I visited: This summer I took my very first official vacation!  My friend and I went to Jamaica with our husbands and it was a blast!  The pool was huge, the ocean was gorgeous, and the drinks/food were free!  
My husband and I

Lisa (from Learning is Something to Treasure) and myself

2. A book I read: I read all three books of 50 Shades!!!!  I read one book in one day laying on the beaches of Jamaica.  These books are awesome and made my beach days so relaxing.  

3.  Something I made for my class: I made seat crates!  I also started making new posters and journals for my classroom.  I decided I needed to get my butt in gear and start creating things again.  I used to be so creative with my lessons and I think after teaching the same grade from the past 7 years, I got a little lazy and less creative.   If it's not broken don't try to fix it, right?  Wrong!  It's so much fun to try new things in the classroom.  So this saying just does not fit in with my new teaching style.  I want to grow and learn with my students so bring on the NEW!!!
I also made this journal to help kick start my Kindergartners writing skills.

4.  A fun thing I did: My little sister and her friends (along with a surprise from my cousin) came to visit me this summer.  We had a blast driving to our Florida beaches and hanging out by the pool.  I got to be young and free for a week with them and let me tell you I was a little excited when they left to go home so I can be my "old" self again.  Where do these 20 somethings get their stamina???  I was so exhausted after they left I think I didn't move out of my bed for like three days.     

Me, my sister, and my cousin

Well, Good-bye summer and hello to another school year!  


  1. I love your seat crates! That was the 1 summer project I did not get to. Next summer!

    Have a great year!


    Life's a Beach in 1st Grade

  2. It sounds like you had a great summer!My 21 year old says I can't read the 50 shades books because they aren't appropriate...That just makes me want to read them more! She'll be going back to school soon and guess what I'm going to do? SHHHHHHH!!
    Owl Things First

  3. Thanks for linking up. Sounds like you had an awesome summer. Jamaica! I'm jealous!
    Sheree Peterson

  4. I would love to visit Jamaica soon..looks like you had a blast this summer! Loving your crate seats as well :)

  5. A trip to Jamaica is on my bucket list! Your crate seats are cute!

    KinderKids Fun