Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Class pics and a meet the teacher gift idea

Wow, I just may make it through this week, a little (a lot) exhausted but I can do this!  Monday was my first day back to work and let me just tell you its been nothing but meetings, learning new programs, and running around.  My brain feels like it is going to explode and my feet, back, arms, eyes ....every inch of my body aches.  This is what my classroom looked like when I walked in Monday morning.  Everything stacked to one side.  

I have been at school from 7:00 in the morning till 8:00 at night trying to prepare for meet the teacher and the first week of school.  I feel like my to-do list keeps getting longer instead of shorter...I wonder does this happen to all teachers? I think the reason my to-do list get's longer is because I can never finish just one project at a time.  Please tell me that there are other teachers out there that feel a little ADD too.  We start one project then walk across the room to grab something and find ourselves engaged in another project 2 minutes later. This pattern seems to go on and on when I am setting up my classroom, therefore, I am left with about 10 unfinished projects in the classroom.  This drives my husband nuts and I just laugh and go with the flow! (a.k.a...ride the wave!  Which is my school's slogan this year.)
I have to brag a little here ladies and husband is the BEST!!!!  He has come to my classroom each evening after work to help me with my classroom set up.  He really has a special talent for bulletin boards. Here is one of his creations.

 He's the perfectionist and I'm the can't finish a project, stuff everywhere kind of person.  So if you guest it we drove each other up the wall.  It must be true love because I enjoyed every minute it:)

I will have more pictures of my classroom later this week.  It is almost complete and ready to be photographed.  Tomorrow night is meet the teacher so it will have to be all done by then.  Wish me luck!

Got to get back to work.  This is my project for tonight.  These are my meet the teacher "welcome" gifts.  I give each of my students a friendship bracelet.  It is so cute because most of them wear it to school the first day, as do I! 


  1. I am the exact same way! I have been setting up my classroom recently, and really noticing that about myself. One project over here, one over here, one over there... I'm glad someone else operates this way!

    Mrs. Webster’s Classroom Connections

  2. Yep! You are not alone! I do the same thing....start something...walk across the room....start something else....walk back to my desk.....pick up something else.....walk to hall....see something else that needs to be done....and so on and so on. It is never ending. I think it's a perfectionist thing! LOL Can't wait to see more pics...I love looking at other classrooms! :-)

    K is for Kinderrific

  3. Can't wait to see more pictures! Please tell your hubby I might need to borrow him next week to help me set up ;)

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  5. I think we are all the same-so much to do, so little time! Could use your husband though! Have a great year.

  6. I think we are all the same-so much to do, so little time! Could use your husband though! Have a great year.